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Limit Login Attempts Plugin is a great tool for any website owner to use to thwart hackers. You may think hackers are not interested in getting into your site because you are a small website or business. If you are have a live website they are trying to get in. They may use your website to redirect traffic to another website or for other reasons.

Below I give instructions how to use the Limit Login Attmepts Plugin. You can see how many hackers are trying to access your website and black list them as well as take other precautions.

Directions: First make sure Limit Login Attempts or Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Plugin is installed and activated. From your WP dashboard go down to settings and select Limit Login Attempts. Then make the following changes under settings within the plugin.

Next you will choose how many allowed retries or how many times you can login incorrectly into the website before being locked out. Occasionally you may put in an incorrect user name or password yourself and you do not want to lock yourself out for an extended period. For this reason I go with 3 attempts. Next how many minutes of lockout. Make it high and you can increase this number. 390 is over 6 hours. Next After 3 lockouts lockout if for 24 hours.

Notify on lockout log. Check lockout log so it will save how many and what IP is trying to get into your site. If you would like you can also have this information emailed to you, just place in your email and place in how many lockouts.

Hacker Log of the Date, User Name Tries and IP Listing
As time goes on you may check back and you will eventually see a list of dates, IP and the user name that hackers attempted to get into your site. You can see I have 4 listed and most of them choose to place in the name Admin for your username. This is why you NEVER SAVE ADMIN for your username. If another name has been placed in and it is the same as your user name then you are now alerted that you need to change the user name because a hacker now has 1 piece of the puzzle to access your website. Learn how to save a new user name.

Blacklist and whitelist

On the above image you can see a number listed under the IP. I did a search on two of the IP numbers learning one is originating from France and the other the UK. I also found one was related to spam email. So I choose to Blacklist them by copying and pasting them into the black list.

Next add your computer to the whitelist so you can’t be blocked. Search for your IP What is your IP address

When completely finished push blue save button at the bottom!

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