How to Create A Blog Post in WordPress Gutenberg

To start creating your blog post in WordPress choose Posts and “Add New” on the WordPress dashboard or (dark gray bar on the left) DO NOT choose pages.

This layout is the Gutenberg Block layout the Classic style preceded this and if you used WP in the past you may find it looks very different.

Type in your title where it says “Add Title”. I used “How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress because it is to the point and it used the words someone might search for if they wanted to create a blog post I don’t recommend being super artsy here because the title helps someone find your post so use keywords someone would use to search for your topic.
To add a paragraph type where is says, “start writing”

To add an image, choose a block by clicking on the symbol plus sign in a circle. Then you can choose to either Upload from your computer or add from the Media Library (where previously uploaded images would be found)

Using the tool bar above your block. As you type you will see a little horizontal bar come up on top of your block. You can choose Bold, Italics, center, justify left or right or to create a link. On the right are 3 horizontal dots that will give your more options: duplicate, remove block, insert before or after ( you can insert an image block, paragraph block, header block, video block, gallery of images etc.),

To create a link type in your word or phrase and highlight with the mouse. Then choose the link icon in the little bar. Paste in your link for example: and make sure to push the apply button which is an arrow. You can also choose to make a new window open when the viewer clicks it by highlighting your link, choosing the link icon and the downward facing arrow will let you choose “open in a new window.”

How to add an image to a text block in the Gutenberg In Gutenberg, each paragraph is a block and each block has its own toolbar. This is important because after writing three paragraphs, you can’t click on an add media button. Instead, you need to create an image block.

Design by Splash Westminster graphic design, web design studio

Once you’ve selected an image, you need to move the image block above the paragraph block where you want to insert it. At first, you might try to drag and drop the image into the paragraph but that doesn’t work. You need to use the up and down arrows , next to the block tool bar or drag the block into position.

Once the image block is in the correct location, click the align right icon. The image will be inserted into the right side of the paragraph block. You may have to resize the image so the block text wraps around it neatly.

Made a mistake? Don’t forget you can always choose the “undo” symbol the left turned arrow found at the very top lefthand corner.

Now it is time to preview your post. Choose the Preview button at the top right, or Save Draft button if you are finished. The Publish button is for final work, although you can always republish with new changes.

Now find out how to add Categories

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