Add Title, Alt Tags and Descriptions to your to WordPress Images

The Title, Caption, Alt Text, and Description fields for images in WordPress are the most ignored and underutilized features that can improve your content and bring more people to your site. Today, Google’s search engine results pages deliver just as many image results as they do text-based results. It is a great way to get organic visitors

Ideally, you should name the image with keywords describing the image. Then manually type in the ALT text for each image as you upload it. For my image named/saved I have “Design by Splash Westminster Md logo” Then in the Alt Text it could read the exact same or something like Design by Splash Logo Web Design Studio. Below you can also see the area to add a description such as “Design by Splash Logo with arrows, Graphic and Web Design Studio”

You can add alt text or a description in multiple ways. You can edit as you upload, edit any image within the media library or go into your post and double click on the image to edit the image and select medaa library. While in the media library you can save your additions by mousing over the top right hand corner.

add alt tag description wordpress for images in post
You can edit your image in the media library and add alt text, description or a caption.

Guidelines for Adding Alt Text and Alt Text Best Practices

  1. Describe the image, and be specific. …
  2. Keep your alt text fewer than 125 characters. …
  3. Don’t start alt text with “picture of…” or “Image of…” Jump right into the image’s description. …
  4. Use your keywords, but sparingly. …
  5. Don’t cram your keyword into every single image’s alt text.

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