Design by Splash, Westminster, MD specializes in creating a special look for your company. Our most popular services include:

Website Design
Web Hosting and Domains
Business Card Design
• Signs/Banners
Ad Design


Web Site Design, Carroll County, MD

We specialize in creating custom-made web sites for small to medium sized businesses. We believe a website is useless if it can’t be found so we build in SEO or search engine optimization into every website.

We can completely design a web site from scratch or give your existing site a makeover. Learn the top 10 reasons to redesign your site.

Your site will be submitted to the major search engines with appropriate keywords and titles to make your site easy to find.

We now offer website hosting. Visit for domains, hosting and many other products including email, ssl certificates etc.

Logos and Business Cards

Why are logos so important? A strong logo can sell your company over and over. Every time your customers see your logo they are reminded of who you are and why they use you.

By letting a friend or an inexperienced person design your logo you might hurt your company image. Let Design by Splash create a professional logo you can use on websites, brochures, business cards and everything you print.

Ad Design

Sometimes it is best to use a series of ads to sell your company or services. Using headlines and visuals Splash can design a series of ads you can print in newspapers, magazines or postcards. Sometimes only one ad is needed.