Congratulations you have a blog. To get started view the simple instructional video below.

First a few tips to remember:

  • When logging in DO NOT choose the button Login with (If this is a choice) Only use the place to type your login where it requests user name and password
  • You need to add a featured image if you want your post to show on the side bar with an image.(this is only if this plug in has been set-up)
  • You DO NOT need to create a category
  • You can also add tags in the tag box. Tags are any words associated with your article that you want to highlight about your product. For example if you owned a Thai restaurant in Westminster your tags might be: Westminster, md, restaurant, best thai, food, menu, take out, carroll county, deliveryHow do you post automatically to Facebook?
    • First publicize must be set up with your FB username and password.
    • After you preview and visually approve your content, scroll to the top right and choose edit under publicize
    • Type in your custom message that will be shown on Facebook, Push the OK Button, then Choose the Blue Publish Button. You are done, it is now posted on your website and Facebook.