This design needs a lot of help I thought, staring at a general contractor web design I created 10 years ago.

BEFORE – Old Web Design of Birmingham Design Management, General Contractor

It is not often that I have to critique myself, of course let’s remember 10 years ago I was brand new to web design and some of my designs may have been based off of what might work in a brochure rather than a more tactile web experience.

First mistake I notice is white words on a brown background, – not very easy to read. I have to admit the design does have a nice clean feel but as I perused some of Birmingham’s amazing homes they built I felt the design needed to be more upscale. There is a large audience of affluent people moving into Westminster and Eldersburg, Md areas that want huge and beautiful homes. I wanted to make sure Birmingham Designs logo and their work matched their client’s expectations.

AFTER – New Web Design of Birmingham Design Management, General Contractor

Other major improvements include making the site resize for mobile devices, SEO search engine optimization including labeling of photos from ex: “house” to “general contractor Carroll County, Md custom home”, adding more content to pages and a larger photo gallery to showcase all their work.

I think it is a great improvement and just the right website for a general contractor in 2017! Thanks Birmingham Design Management, I enjoyed the