Splash is a Graphic and Web Design Studio Located in Carroll County, MD.

We work with small business that need web design or graphic design services in Westminster, MD. Design by Splash is here to make the process simple. We will design a look that matches your business goals, build a website that speaks to your customer and offer additional SEO and social media help. Let us create something unique for you today. We design web sites, logos, brochures, business cards and ads.
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This client needed a new website built with WIX to showcase their expertise in restaurant plumbing  and their special friends and family program View

We originally designed a website for Wee Care Best, a local child care, over 10 years ago. With 2 new locations and tech savvy moms they needed a redesign. View

The newly designed birthday party flyer has just the image and words Players needs-   to evoke Action -Packed Birthday Parties… next stop email design.

remain responsive across devices

Don’t miss a call because you don’t have “click to call” or your website doesn’t read well on a phone. With multiple devices being used to view your website, we can ensure your website speaks to all of them.

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from Websites to Graphic Design to SSL CertificatES... We Can help.

SSL Certificates

Google is leading the way and insisting all websites install SSL certificates or be placed at the bottom of search results. Don’t turn customers away with an insecure warning. Get a SSL certificate today.​

Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on WordPress, WIx, Yola and more. We can help you edit your website, even if we are not the original designer or create one with a web builder.