If this new logo and flyer design gives you a feeling of peace then my design for Peaceful Heart Yoga, Westminster, Md is successful!

logo design peaceful heart yoga westminster md

When I first met Terri Smith, Owner of Peaceful Heart Yoga I learned that she is offering a very unique service. Yes, her general title is “Yoga Instructor” but her goal is to help people to be rid of pain, aches and stress. Besides her yoga background she also specializes in special needs and wants to give personalized attention to your issue. Is her audience super fit athletes or people who just finished physical therapy? I say both! I tried her class today and I am pretty fit yet I have this nagging ache in my neck and shoulder. (partially from doing all this awesome design work right?)

I can be quite skeptical but I should have known after reading Terri’s bio that says “stress, asthma, chronic back pain, and degenerative disc disease brought Terri to yoga in 2006.” That she might know a little bit about getting rid of pain! I tried the class today and I appreciated her doing stretches and poses for my issues.

From Terri I learned there are many different types of yoga and her technique is not what is typically offered. She offers a way to get rid of pains, aches and stress by stretching and strengthening techniques plus deep breathing that reduces pain and stress. (forget about standard yoga with difficult balancing, being upside down forever and quick movements)

brochure, flyer design westminster, md yoga company

After the class my shoulders definitely felt better and I felt much calmer but even better I enjoy finding a client that is redefining yoga. If the title “yoga” is holding you back then just think of it as the “say goodbye class”…  say goodbye to whatever ails you.

I think once Westminster, Md finds out about Terri and her ability to help you reduce pains, aches and stress they will be running or hobbling to her classes. I also love that she offers private small group instruction so you can do it with your friends and a fun classes for kids. Visit Peaceful Heart on Facebook
As for the logo design, the goal was a symbol that felt calm, and peaceful. Terri also wanted a design that she could use throughout facebook, instagram and any printed materials. So the purple watercolor background and white flowers can be changed for whatever size is needed.

Ok, once again I have spent too long at the computer again… time for another yoga class.